The similarly named but quite separate, Farnborough and District
branch of the
MS Society meet twice a month.

While our MS Group has members of all ages, if you're young and have MS you might also be interested in the website which is specifically aimed at the young.

MS-UK (formerly know as The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre) provides support and information to anyone with MS and produces the New Pathways magazine.

The Multiple Sclerosis Trust provides information to people affected by MS and to health professionals working in the field of MS at

Motability is a charity that helps disabled people to become mobile by making a wide range of cars, scooters and powered wheelchairs available through contract-hire and hire-purchase schemes at

Rica is a charity that researches and publishes information on products and services for older and disabled people at

Jooly's Joint enables people with MS or who have family or friends with MS to meet other people with MS online at

The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation brings MS organisations across the globe together to fight MS and can be found at

Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) is a charity that provides free impartial advice on daily living equipment and mobility products at

Find out what clinical trials of MS drugs are going on worldwide at

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis (OMS) is an organisation set up by Professor George Jelinek which promotes a positive lifestyle programme which he has developed to counter MS and summarises the latest scientific information on MS worldwide at

jo Warner is our Reiki therapist. She can be contacted on 01276 61492

Pam Stroud is a reflexologist who treats some members of our MS Group

Information and contacts for complementary therapies may be found at

Hypnotherapy Directory

Please note that any mention of other organisations, websites, services or products is not an endorsement by the MS Support & Therapy Group, its members or helpers.

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